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Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye hate versa climber

As the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers wait to learn who their next opponent in the 2016-17 NBA Playoffs will be (Boston Celtics or Washington Wizards), the team is once again staying in shape with a little help from Z 107.9’s DJ Steph Floss and the now-famous versa-climber.

Today, the Cavs were back inside Cleveland Clinic Courts for another strenuous workout. As he often does, Richard Jefferson decided to share the event with his followers on Snapchat. Jefferson says the best part about sweeping is the extra time off for rest. However, Jefferson also added that he and Channing Frye are not the biggest fans of the versa-climber, dubbing it “one of the most feared days in training.”

LeBron James and Deron Williams even managed to get a Yoga session in during today’s workout routine. The two gold medalists performed several poses, including what appeared to be a supported headstand.

“D-Will and Bron’ are taking this Yoga sh– to a different level,” Jefferson joked with his followers.

Just as he did during Cleveland’s previous layover between games, head coach Tyronn Lue is keeping his players ready, preparing for either of their opponents in the next round. As the old saying goes, “hard work pays off.”

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