Over the past few days, the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers have been hitting the gym in preparation for their second-round opponent in this year’s NBA Playoffs. Their opponent is yet to be known, but it will either be the Milwaukee Bucks or Toronto Raptors. Currently, the Raptors are leading their series, 2-0.

Earlier this afternoon, Fox Sports Ohio’s Allie Clifton caught up with Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson for a question and answer segment on Facebook Live.

Some fans of the team may have saw the workout video posted by the Cavaliers yesterday. The players were taking part in a vigorous exorcise routine, which included leg lifts, squats, and the use of free weights. A few members of the team even took to the versa-climber for a while, seemingly competing against one another in leg-pumping combat as DJ Steph Floss of Z107.9 FM in Cleveland filled the room with music. When asked who is the best on the versa-climber on the team, Jefferson gave a definitive response.

“LeBron (LeBron James) is great, but Tristan (Tristan Thompson) and Champ (James Jones) are the best,” Jefferson said.

As the conversation went on, a new question caught Jefferson’s attention. The former Arizona Wildcat stand-out was asked who he thinks might best play his role in a movie. Remember now, the Cavs have been working out a lot…

“The Rock would have to beef up, but I’d say him,” Jefferson said with a smile.

Have you ever noticed “RJ,” as Jefferson is known amongst his fans and followers, looks down at his left hand after a dunk? He says it’s to pay homage to one of the greatest players in NBA history.

“That’s a Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) thing,” Jefferson tells Fox Sports Ohio. “Shaq used to look at his left hand. I don’t have a lot (of dunks), but I do have an off-hand dunk.”

As previously mentioned, RJ and the Cavs are currently waiting to find out who they’ll play in the second round. When asked who he wants to win tonight’s Game 6 bout between the Bucks and Raptors, Jefferson served up a cheeky reply.

“We want Milwaukee to win the game (tonight),” Jefferson said with a pause. “Then we won’t have practice tomorrow.”

Despite all of the jokes throughout the segment, it ended with Jefferson thanking the Cavaliers fans.

“Our fans hold us to a very high standard,” Jefferson said. “And we expect you to be the best fans. That home court advantage is thanks to them.”