Richard Jefferson may have just been the Cleveland Cavaliers’ version of a mini-Andre Iguodala from last year in terms of being that former high flyer turned veteran leader that surprisingly took on a bigger part in the team’s finals run.

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When Kevin Love was forced to miss Game 3 due to a concussion, Jefferson stepped up to the plate and opened everyone’s eyes to a whole new dimension that the Cavs’ play take when he’s on the floor.

Immediately after clinching his, and Cleveland’s, first championship, the team’s most valuable video blogger decided to call it quits and retire as a champion. But all that seems to be possibly changing, per a recent tweet by Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Perloff.

It must be remembered that before Jefferson arrived in Cleveland, he already agreed to return to the Dallas Mavericks. But circumstances drastically changed in Dallas and it allowed for a sudden, yet well received, change of heart from the veteran swingman.

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It’s no surprise that his team is trying their best to get back his services because Richard Jefferson is one of the Cavs’ more beloved members. If he does a 180-degree turn once more, the Cavs and its fans will certainly welcome the news with open arms.