The Kyle Korver trade is just the trade that keeps on giving. According to a report by Jason Lloyd, Cavs Beat Writer for The Akron Beacon, Cleveland will also be shipping off the dead-weight contract of Mo Williams to Atlanta, along with Mike Dunleavy Jr. and a protected first round pick.

Cleveland previously were tied to rumors of shipping of Mo Williams’ contract with Jordan McRae in a package deal, though nothing ever materialized, however Cleveland continued to actively shop the contracts of the injured Mo Williams and Chris Anderson.

With this information, the current deal that Cleveland and Atlanta have going is:

Cleveland Sends: Mo Williams, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Protected First Round Pick (Top 10 protected in 2019, with an option to defer to 2020)

Atlanta Sends: Kyle Korver

In addition to Dunleavy, Williams, who was due $2.2 million for this season, is also reportedly heading to Atlanta along with Dunleavy. The Cavs are over the salary cap and would have had to pay a total of $5.4 million in salary and luxury taxes for Williams, but the trade saves them that money.

According to reports from Brian Windhost of ESPN, Dunleavy is not a part of Atlanta’s future plans, and is looking to move him to an unnamed third team. No details regarding who that team would be, though Bret Stuter of Fansided believes that the Philadelphia 76ers might be the third team, due to their needs at veteran leadership, three point shooting and wing players.

Regardless of where any of these players end up, sending off Mo Williams in this trade will leave Cleveland with 14 of 15 roster spaces filled, leaving Cleveland with the option of signing or trading to acquire a backup point guard. Stay with Cavs Nation for more updates on this and other trades.