On Tuesday, a long, hard-fought campaign ended for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. LeBron James was among a few members of the Cleveland Cavaliers to publicly endorse Clinton for President. While they may not have names as big, James repeatedly pushed for his home state of Ohio to vote for Clinton. That, however, may have cost him a lot of money.

According to an unnamed Nike official who spoke with Sam Amico of Amico Hoops, James is expected to take a huge financial hit of around $10 million in merchandise sales. James makes a lot of money, so it’s not to say that he can’t take a little financial hit.

“10 million is 10 million,” says the source.

Normally, an athlete wouldn’t risk speaking out and taking sides on such strong issues. However, the official says James isn’t an everyday athlete, and things that affect the community as well as the country really matter to him.

“That’s usually how it works,” the official said. “People don’t always like it when athletes take a stand or show their belief. But LeBron isn’t your everyday athlete. Things matter to him.”

The Cavs take on the Wizards tonight at 7PM EST.