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Report: Cavs among teams interested in Anthony Tolliver

anthony tolliver

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ offseason progress has been a ho-hum affair thus far. From the Chauncey Billups impasse, botched blockbuster trade proposals, to just general silence, Wine and Gold fans have yearned for some excitement as of late.

It’s tough to ask a lot from the team at this stage. They’re currently struggling to create some wiggle room financially and having no official General Manager makes them akin to a headless chicken in a time where such knowledge, foresight, and direction are needed.

As with the Jose Calderon acquisition, the Cavs can only muster similar veteran additions at this stage, making sense to their reported interest in forward Anthony Tolliver.

Tolliver is a nine-year veteran who played for the Sacramento Kings last season, accounting for 7.1 points per game on 39 percent shooting from long distance. He isn’t the most agile of forwards, which makes him an unpopular addition, in case, for the Cavaliers.

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