The Cleveland Cavaliers’ summer has been relatively quiet with the only big news that everyone is waiting for is that of LeBron James’ official signing and J.R. Smith’s decision.

That doesn’t make the Cavs any less of a team now because they will finally get to be in training camp under coach Tyronn Lue. Plus, they’re not the defending NBA champions for nothing.

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But outside of the Wine and Gold, one team figures to make some serious noise in the East, mainly because of their flurry of summer additions, and that is Central Division rival Indiana Pacers.

TNT’s Reggie Miller, NBA legend and a Pacers lifer, recently took to Twitter to proclaim his forecast on which two teams will meet in the East finals.

Twitter/Reggie Miller


The Pacers are expected to field in a lineup of Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Thaddeus Young, and, most probably, Myles Turner (over Al Jefferson). Easily, that five figures to be one of the most prolific in the entire NBA.

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However, the big question with that team is chemistry and experience. But with how the East teams are shaping up right now roster-wise, it’s not hard to imagine a LeBron James-Paul George duel in May.