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Referee looks at LeBron James like "chill!" after bad call

Lebron Ref Funny

Cavalier’s superstar LeBron James experiences maybe the most contact in an NBA game that we’ve ever seen from a player. His monstrous frame and ability to withstand punishment especially on his way to the basket is one of the most impressive aspects of his game, and despite the four-time MVP getting contact, he takes pride in not committing fouls himself when defending.

James, like any basketball player who’s played the game competitively, hates when a referee makes a bad call, and will be in their face straight away to help them understand what he saw. James is always adamant in his stance, and last night we saw it again as a baseline NBA official called the ball off James when he drove to the basket. The replay showed that Wizards’ forward Otto Porter may have gotten a hand in there to knock the ball out, but the official declared it to be Wizards’ ball.

James as well as his bench were up in arms at the decision, one that wasn’t reversed. James was all over the referee, and despite his gallant effort to overturn the call, the ref gave one of the most hilarious reactions you’re likely to ever see.

As James pleaded, the fired up referee looked at James with a “please chill” look.

Check out the hilarious reaction here via Bleacher Report.

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