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Predictions For The Cavaliers’ Final 10 Games Of The Season.

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We’re 72 games into the regular season with just 10 left before the start of the NBA playoffs. The Cavs have been coasting to victories in the past couple of months, losing just six games in the past 10 weeks! These final 10 games, however, will be very important in securing the last bit of chemistry and rhythm before the playoffs begin on the 18th of April. The Cavs are currently on a 15-game home winning streak and are 26-9 overall at home, so here’s hoping Cleveland finishes 32-9 at home.

With that being said, we look at the last 10 games, starting with the 10th game against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight!

10. Cleveland Cavaliers @ Memphis Grizzlies, March 25

The Cavaliers go into the grind-house Wednesday night to try and stop the Grizzlies, who will likely be without Courtney Lee and former Cavalier Jon Leuer. The Cavs’ Kevin Love and Timofey Mozgov will have a tough matchup down low against Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Cleveland does have the distinct advantage over the Grizzlies at shooting guard with J.R. Smith and small forward with LeBron James. The defensive presence of Iman Shumpert will also be huge against the Memphis bench while Kyrie Irving will have his hands full with Mike Conley.

Score Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers 98 – Memphis Grizzlies 92

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