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Position By Position Breakdown For Cavs-Bulls Second Round Matchup


Well Cavs fans, it’s the matchup we’ve all been dreading, the Chicago Bulls. At the beginning of the season, just about every analyst picked either Cleveland or Chicago to come out of the East. It seemed to be the matchup everyone wanted for the conference finals, but here we have it in the semis.

The Bulls can be a different team on any given night. This series can truly be determined by Derrick Rose’s performance. Will we get the MVP-like Rose, or will we get the knee hampered Rose? As horrible as it may be, Cavs fans will be cheering for the latter option.

They’re here, its time, let’s do this.


This is the matchup that could truly determine the series. In the quest for a title, there will be no minute’s restrictions for the former MVP, Derrick Rose. Coming off yet another torn meniscus a couple months ago, Rose put up impressive number against Milwaukee.

In six games against the Bucks, Rose put up a stat line of 19.0 PPG, 6.5 APG while shooting 41% from the floor. The most important number for Rose in that series, 36.7 MPG.

On the other side of things, Rose will have to compete with our very own Kyrie Irving. If there’s a point guard in this league that may actually break his ankles with a handle on the ball, it’s Kyrie.

Kyrie is young, fresh, hungry and ready to go. These Cavaliers will have had an 8 day break in between sweeping the Celtics (man that feels good to write), and starting the second round against the Bulls. LeBron has already stated he’s bored and wants to play, and this is his tenth straight year of playoff basketball. Imagine how Kyrie feels waiting around in his first ever playoff appearance.

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