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Postgame Pindowns: Cavs compete but fail to rebound in loss vs Rockets

Jeff Green

The Cavaliers kickoff their longest road trip of the season, where five of their next six will be played on another team’s court. Tonight, they visit the Houston Rockets, who hold the second seed in the West. Thankfully, the better the team, the better version of the Cavs we usually get. Here are some pindowns, thoughts for your thoughts:

  1. The Cavaliers made certain that the game wouldn’t get away from them in the opening six minutes. Their 18-14 start was overcome by an expected Houston run. While it took the Cavaliers some time to absorb the Rockets’ hardest punch which put them 18 points under, by halftime, they had turned the game around.
  2. Jeff Green was the story of the first half with 20 points. He’s truly a versatile player as the Cavs trust him on both ends as a wing but also as a center for small ball lineups as well as a ball handler. Coach Lue should consider giving some more of Jae Crowder’s minutes to Green; the Cavs score more and allow fewer points per 100 possessions with Green versus Crowder on the floor, per NBAwowy.com.
  3. LeBron James. Season 15. Can Still drive and dunk on anyone.
  4. The Cavs might have their go-to small ball lineup: J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert, LeBron James, Jae Crowder and Jeff Green. Switchable and full of shooters, this team survived another expected run by Houston in the second half.
  5. For once, the Cavaliers rebounding was more atrocious than their defense.
  6. Nine (17 total) offensive rebounds for the Rockets in the fourth quarter. The Cavs certainly had their chances.
  7. Clint Capella, roller and rebounder, was the Rockets scorer in the final seven minutes. The Cavs gave this one away.

This loss was especially painful because of the obvious efforts by the Cavaliers. The road trip continues on Saturday against the Dallas Mavericks. More pindowns to come.

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