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PHOTOS: Austin Carr’s Son Claims To Have Inside Information On Dwyane Wade And The Cavs

Twitter is going crazy with rumors of Dwyane Wade and the Cavs possibly looking to make a deal happen after the Warriors assembled their own super team. Much of this is speculation, but there some weird things going on on Twitter that have hinted at the possibilities.

Another thing that’s come up and out of nowhere is this regarding Mr. Cavalier Austin Carr’s son, Jason.

RUMOR: Twitter Blowing Up Over Released Flight Details Involving Dwyane Wade and Cleveland

If you check out Jason Carr’s actual Facebook page, you’ll see posts where he claims that a Wade to Cleveland deal is already done. There’s nothing factual out there to support that, but the fact that it’s coming from Austin Carr’s son makes it seem like there’s an outside chance at something happening here.

Jason Carr Inside Info Wade

Stay tuned for more on this developing story that’s been full of rumors all night long.

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