Last night, a photo was leaked apparently showing some of the player ratings for highly anticipated NBA 2K17. It looks alright if you just skim over the numbers, and it even shows that LeBron James is a 96 and Kyrie Irving is an 89.

Take an in-depth look and you’ll see some weird grades that make us think this isn’t official.

First off, the Cavs sharpshooter off the bench, Channing Frye, has a Grade “D” in three-pointers. LeBron James also has a bit of a low grade when it comes to his three-point game (D+). Richard Jefferson is also a pretty good three-point shooter, but all he was graded “D+.”

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All in all, the overall grades look solid, but some of the individual grades are leading us to think these just aren’t official or confirmed yet. Players had their ratings released, according to NBA 2K news spokesperson, @Ronnie2K

What do think Cavs Nation? Are these ratings close to what you expected or very far off?