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Paul Pierce Tweets What He Thinks Can Counter The Warriors Big Four

The Warriors comprised their super team and acquired Kevin Durant via free agency. The result is an Oklahoma City team with Russell Westbrook and Victor Oladipo as the 1-2 punch as well as a league in which 28 or so teams aren’t even close to being ready to compete with the Warriors.

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After Durant announced his decision, many took to Twitter to voice their obvious frustration and shoot some jokes at the situation. Paul Pierce, for one, took a comical approach, but probably had a little bit of the truth in there as well. Get it? Because Pierce’s nickname is ‘The Truth?’ Hilarious, I know. Anyways, here’s his tweet.

With many already expecting a Cavs-Warriors rematch in the 2017 NBA Finals, having Westbrook go up against Durant after he left him hanging in OKC would be incredible to watch.

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