The NBA and the NFL have produced some of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen. From the fastest and strongest players to the witty and intelligent on court ones, the two sports have always brought out the best athletes from around the world.

Often times, players get compared to other players in the same sport, and the great ones get compared to another great of another sport.

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Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles finished a third straight 1,000-plus yard season. Since being named the Chiefs’ starter back in 2009, the only time he wasn’t able to hit the 1,000-yard mark was 2011, when he tore his ACL during second game. When he’s at his best, however, Charles is easily one of the NFL’s best and most consistent runners. He likened his greatness to an NBA star.

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During his seven-year career, Charles has averaged 72.2 rushing yards and 23.9 receiving yards per game. In NFL history, only 18 players have averaged at least 70 rushing yards and at least 20 receiving yards per game, and one of those 18 only played in two games.

– CBS Sports