The Cleveland Cavaliers have added a little something extra to their home floor. The “C” in the Cavaliers logo is already iconic around the world, but the staff at Quicken Loans Arena have added the Larry O’Brien trophy as a nice addition to the hardwood.

The NBA champions reside in the city of Cleveland, and as opposing teams come to town, there will now be a friendly reminder that they’re in the house of the world champions.

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You can never celebrate winning an NBA championship too much, and this is a welcome touch to an arena that is already difficult to win in for road teams. Now, that task has become even harder, as the intimidation factor has increased. This subtle but genius addition to the hardwood sends a message to the opponent – that champions reside here.

Come playoff time, The Q will be rocking again, and all fans will be reminded of the crown they’re defending. It’s only fitting the Cavaliers added the first championship trophy in franchise history for the world to see.

Take a look at the championship touch.


Twitter/Scott @ WFNY

Despite the season already in full swing, there is no harm in reminding the league who the champions are. It was a helluva journey to capture that elusive title, and it’s going to be an even harder task taking it away from Northeast Ohio.