The NBA is taking its proper caution when it comes to Kyrie Irving, as teams are meticulously studying every aspect of his persona to gauge if he is worth a collection of assets in a potential trade scenario.

An organization will look at every angle, asking about his character and habits, his leadership and late nights during the NBA season. Teams are calling executives, former teammates, and even shoe reps to find out just who Irving is — because trading for a star of his caliber isn’t just a risk of whether he stays or goes — but one that can make or break a franchise for years to come, depending on the culture.

Irving is one of the most intriguing players to hit the market in years — not only does he have one of the best handles in the league, but an uncanny ability to score (career-high 25 point-per-game clip last season) — yet he is a likable player with nice public charisma, but suddenly one that requested a trade and had been harboring the thoughts of asking for one for over a year.

The San Antonio SpursL.A. ClippersPhoenix SunsMinnesota TimberwolvesNew York Knicks, and Miami Heat have made offers to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have been reportedly actively trying to trade him, but there have been approximately 20 of the 30 NBA teams inquiring about Irving’s services, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnaworski, even if they can’t suffice tangible offers due to lack of assets.

The lone fact that so many teams are even inquiring about him leaves to think that at least two thirds of the league could see themselves with him manning the starting point guard role, making him one of the most-coveted players to hit the trade block in the last decade, even more than Paul George.