The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to be big players in NBA free agency starting on Friday. In terms of what they have up their sleeves, NBA insider Brian Windhorst teased some ‘outlandish’ rumors surrounding the Cavs, reports ESPN Cleveland.

“I don’t have a terrific feel for what the Cavs are doing…there is one thing out there that I heard in the last week, just look on social media over the last week and see what you see and go from there.”

Brian Windhorst keeps it especially coy when speaking on what the Cavs might be cooking in NBA free agency. However, he emphasizes that the Cavs are really just keeping their cards close to their chests and not even he knows what they are really looking at.

One thing is for certain: the Cavs are going to make some moves in NBA free agency. After a very disappointing first-round exit for the Cavs, the whole organization knows that they need more around Donovan Mitchell in order to contend. Mitchell was incredible this season, but he simply needs another star alongside him if the Cavs want to compete for an NBA Finals.

Besides who they target in NBA free agency, the Cavs also need better play from Darius Garland. He was very solid in the regular season but disappeared in the playoffs; this can’t happen again next year if they want to make a deeper playoff push.

Stay tuned into the NBA rumors before free agency arrives on Friday. Do not be surprised if rumors become reality in terms of what the Cavs are deciding to do.