The annual general managers’ survey was conducted over the past couple of weeks, and it has revealed that the Warriors haven’t earned the respect of the GM’s and that they still believe in the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The general manager’s voted for who they thought would make it out of the East, who would make it out of the West, and who would win the 2016 NBA Championship.

GM East Survey

GM West Rankings

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After winning the NBA Championship, the Warriors are reportedly third most likely to win the NBA Championship, and the Cavs won 53.6% of the GM’s vote.

> Which team will win the 2016 NBA Finals?

1. Cleveland — 53.6%
2. San Antonio — 25.0%
3. Golden State — 17.9%
4. Oklahoma City — 3.6%

Last year: San Antonio — 46.2%

There’s no reason to think the Cavs won’t win the championship if they remain healthy. Last year was basically lost due to the injuries of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.