When you’re in the NBA and as successful as LeBron James, you’re bound to have your vast set of haters. There are even pages dedicated to hating the King, and to no one’s surprise, they’ve garnered a lot of followers.

The NBA also has the players who don’t play very often, the backup to the backups, the afterthoughts on the bench who would be lucky to see playing time. Power forward Jeff Adrien is more-or-less that guy. Adrien has career averages of 4.6 points, 4.3 rebounds in 14 minutes per game in his five years in the NBA. While playing for a different team in each of those five years and having never cracked more than 14 minutes per game (with the exception of a short-handed Bucks team who played him 18 minutes a night), Adrien isn’t anyone you need to know about.

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Which is what makes this next part extremely odd: Adrien is very active on Twitter, and has gone on some mad rants about the Cavs’ own LeBron James over the past couple of days. We’re honestly a bit confused at most of what he’s trying to say. See if you can decrypt what this guy is saying. Also, if you’re wondering, yes it’s a verified account.

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