Sunday’s Game 4 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls was quite the grind-it-out type game. Both teams scored a combined 170 points as Cleveland edged Chicago 86-84 in regulation.

It wasn’t an easy victory, as the Cavs endured a foot sprain and left knee tendinitis from Kyrie Irving and a sprained ankle from Lebron James. In the end, LeBron hit the game winning fade away jumper from the corner just before the fourth-quarter buzzer to give the Cavs their second win in the series.

Prior to that play however, James dribbled the length of the floor and drove to the basket before getting hit by Joakim Noah and had the ball knocked out of his hands. James thought he was fouled, as did the rest of the Cavaliers, but the Cavs were simply awarded the ball out of bounds and the Cavs were given 1.5 seconds to shoot. It turned out for the best as James hit the winner, but on Monday afternoon, the NBA announced that Noah should have been called for a foul and that LeBron should have been awarded two free throws.

Click here to watch the play the NBA announced LeBron James should have been awarded two free throws

This isn’t the first time in the series the refs missed calls late in games. During the final minutes of Game 3, the NBA announced that the referees missed a number of calls that could have changed the outcome of the game, and possibly the series.

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But all of this is now in the past, and the Cavs look to gain their first lead in this series as they’ve got home-court advantage and Game 5 at the Q on Tuesday night.