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NBA 2K16 Misses Key Part Of Classic Cavs Team

Custom Sports Covers

Custom Sports Covers

7 – Full Body Scans

In the past, 2K images in-game only featured player’s head shots. For 2K16, 2K took full-body shots of every player, coach, and cheerleader. This will make the game even more realistic, from tattoos to accessories that players wear on the court. Also, 2K has added player celebrations, movements, and gestures from pregame and at the freethrow line to make the game as real as possible. For example, people playing as the Golden State Warriors will see Steph Curry chew on his mouthguard as he is stepping up to the free throw line for an attempt.

Something that has been criticized in the past is how unrealistic the crowds look in previous 2K games. For 2K16, 2K also took shots of people that would be in the crowd, and although there has not yet been an image released, they are promising that their revamped crowd will look the part while watching the games.

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