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NBA 2K16 Misses Key Part Of Classic Cavs Team

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Custom Sports Covers

3 – New Rating System

Leaked by Mike Stauffer, the person in charge of player ratings in 2K16, is a new ratings system for player ratings. According to rumors, the new rating system will use a scale based off the highest rated player for each category. In other words, a player’s ratings will be determined by analyzing, for example, if the best free throw shooter in the league is rated at 99, other players’ free throw ratings will be determined by testing their ability against the best free throw shooter’s ability. This should clear up any weird ratings in the past, and should create a clearer system of rating placement throughout all of the players.

Reports say that Michael Jordan has the highest rating in the game, at 99 overall. LeBron should have the highest rating among active players, at 94 overall. With the new rating system, there will be 57 players in the 80’s, overall. In total, there are 6 active players expected to have an overall rating over 90. We have been told who those 6 are- LeBron, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Stephen Curry. Its safe to say that playing with any of these 6 guys should make for a great time.

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