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NBA 2K16 Misses Key Part Of Classic Cavs Team

Custom Sports Covers

Custom Sports Covers

10 – Team Relocation

For the players who enjoy MyGM, a new feature makes for a bigger change than expected. In sports, team relocation is one of the lengthiest and most controversial aspects of sports. In 2k16, players playing MyGM mode will have the ability to pitch to their “Team Owner” to relocate the team to another city. The player will be tasked with convincing the owner(s) to approve the move, such as signing an All-star player or top notch rookie (as the Seattle Supersonics signed Kevin Durant). The player will also be allowed to choose the city to move the team to, the arena design, logo design, and stadium location among other choices. The choices that the player chooses will have a direct impact on how the NBA feels about the move, which is as realistic as can be.

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