In a recent trailer for the most upcoming version of the popular video game NBA 2K15, many new features and aspects of the game were revealed. Along with the new features, the trailer featured LeBron James as a Cleveland Cavalier dunking on Miami Heat’s newest rookie, Shabazz Napier. LeBron has praised Shabazz in the past and even stated on Twitter that he felt like Shabazz was the best point guard in the NBA 2014 draft.

The Miami Heat selected Shabazz in the first round in what seemed like an attempt to lure LeBron to stay. However, LeBron went on to make his return to Cleveland,leaving Miami. Shabazz may have taken the leave by LeBron personally as it is noted that after LeBron declared his return to the Cavs, Shabazz unfollowed and deleted tweets sent to LeBron. However, according to ESPN, Shabazz has stated that he does not know how to use Twitter and is not on the social media platform. Whatever the case, the matchup between these two teams will definitely be very interesting to see this season!