We all know Mo Williams is still one of the biggest scoring threats in the NBA today when he is feeling it. He may be a little older, but as he showed last year, he is still capable of putting up big scoring games for his respective teams.

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Off the NBA court, however, Mo Williams is known for his basketball camps for kids and his workouts to stay active himself. This offseason, he hosted a series of workouts with some fellow ballers, both NBA and others, who were looking to perfect their craft. Williams had a pretty good turnout from the looks of it. Take a look at some of the players he worked out with, including a player a lot of us Cavs fans especially hate after this past June.

Mavericks guard Raymond Felton taking some words of advice from Williams.

Mo Williams Academy 6

Nets’ forward Thaddeus Young and Mavericks guard/forward Wesley Matthews talk on the sidelines.

Mo Williams Academy 5

And even Draymond Green was there.

Mo Williams Academy 4

Mo Williams Academy 3

Mo Williams Academy 2

Mo Williams Academy 1