Saying that LeBron James has had an impressive 2017 NBA Playoffs would still be an absolute understatement. James and his Cleveland Cavaliers have been obliterating their competition en route to an 8-0 start against the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors.

Looking at James’ achievements from a historical standpoint, he’s outdone Jordan in numerous ways, and that’s just in the Raptors series alone.

In the 4-game series vs. the Raptors, James suprassed Jordan’s playoff winning percentage, now having won 139 of 207 total games (67.15%). On the other hand, Jordan was just a notch under that at 119 games won out of 179 total played (66.48%). (via Reddit user llllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII)

In fact here’s a deeper breakdown between the two superstars and what they did for their respective teams.

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James (ages 21-32) as told byrahmenxnoodles69 from Reddit:
21: 1st round exit. vs. 2nd round exit
22: 1st round exit. vs. NBA Finals loss
23: 1st round exit. vs. 2nd round exit
24: 2nd round exit. vs. ECF exit
25: ECF exit. vs. 2nd round exit
26: ECF exit. vs. NBA Finals exit.
27: ECF exit. vs. #1 Ring
28: #1 Ring vs. #2 Ring
29: #2 Ring vs. NBA Finals exit (and Miami Heat exit).
30: #3 Ring vs. NBA Finals exit (1st season back with Cavs).
31: DNP (took year off – Bulls lose in Game 7 of round 2) vs. #3 Ring
32: 2nd round exit. (played only half a season) vs. [IN-PROGRESS]

[In summary over 12 years]
Jordan: 3 NBA Finals trips + 3 Rings + 1.5 years of rest.
James: 7 NBA Finals trips + 3 Rings + ZERO time off and ZERO 1st round exits

James is still just 32 years old, so he’s still got time to improve his playoff record and win championships.