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Michael Jordan inspired LeBron James to become a right-handed basketball player

lebron james

In everything he does in life, LeBron James is a lefty. But interestingly enough, not in basketball.

James shoots primarily with his right hand but he is ambidextrous so can also shoot lefty. However, James only uses his left hand when he needs to, other wise he shoots righty.

So what gives?

According to James during his postgame presser last night, Michael Jordan, and Penny Hardaway may have inspired him to shoot right-handed.

“I think it was probably Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, guys that I looked up to growing up,” James said after the Cavs won Game 3 in Toronto. “Seeing those guys shooting righty, so I was like, I guess I’ll shoot righty.”

James has talked about his idolization of Jordan before. So it isn’t too surprising to hear that Jordan inspired the James in almost all facets of his game, including shooting.

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