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Matthew Dellavedova on Kyrie Irving’s trade request

Matthew Dellavedova Kyrie Irving

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the NBA’s hot topic at the moment. Just when we thought the mayhem of free agency was over after Paul George was suddenly dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder, besides the inevitable trade for New York Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony, it seemed as though the big names were done finding their new home.

Little did we know that Cavaliers’ dynamic point guard Kyrie Irving would drop a bombshell on the organization and entire league by requesting a trade away from the former world champions. As one of Cleveland’s favorite sons, the Cavaliers’ faithful were sent into shock and heartbreak imagining the upcoming season without their exciting scoring machine.

The only big names Cavalier that looked likely to depart Northeast Ohio was power forward Kevin Love, who underwhelmed in this past NBA finals, and the general feel was a deal for Love would be struck sooner rather than later. How quickly things turn, as the Wine and Gold now look to perhaps hold onto Love as the future of Irving weighs in the balance. The Duke product’s situation is still unclear, but the signs don’t look ominous in The Land.

If they do happen to lose Irving, the front office is looking to maximize what they can get for the special talent. It has been widely reported the Cavs are looking for a mix of “win-now” talents and a young prospects to continue the success of the franchise moving forward.

With many NBA personalities also still trying to comprehend what is really going on and what Irving is thinking, a former Cavs’ fan favorite Matthew Dellavedova chimed in on the news. After battling Irving in practice as well as playing alongside him, “Delly” opened up about how he was caught off guard, and never suspected Irving would ever want to leave when they shared a locker room via Yahoo Sports.

“I was as surprised everybody else when I saw that pop up on my phone,” said Delly. “People have been asking me, ‘Did you ever think that would happen?’ or ‘Could you see it happening?’ and [the answer is] no. I’m as surprised as everybody else.

“Obviously, when I played with him the year before LeBron and afterwards, as well as what he’s been doing in the Finals, he’s probably the best one on one player in the whole world. He can just score anytime he wants. I guess we’ll see what team he ends up on.”

I’m sure all Cavs fans miss the feisty Aussie throwing alley-oops to Tristan Thompson as well as knocking down timely threes. The Cavs haven’t quite filled the backup point guard role since Delly left, and could use his defensive intensity nowadays.

Let’s hope all this reaction from both current and former teammates ignites Irving to have a change of heart and remain in Northeast Ohio.

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