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Matthew Dellavedova makes bet with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye

Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson are known to be the jokers of Cleveland’s championship-winning Cavaliers squad. Most fans of the team have seen or heard some of their hilarious antics during post-game interviews and social media posts.

Jefferson and Frye share a collegiate allegiance, you see — a Pac-12 bond, if you will. Both players attended the University of Arizona. And in fact, the Cavs currently have three former Wildcats on their roster, with Derrick Williams being the third.

On their most recent podcast of “Road Trippin’ with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye,” former Cavaliers point guard Mathew Dellavedova, who also played in the Pac-12 conference (St. Mary’s Fighting Gaels), was on the show via video to make a wager.

Tonight, Arizona will face St. Mary’s in the second round of this year’s NCAA March Madness Tournament at 7:55 p.m. EST. “Delly,” as Dellavedova is affectionately known amongst his fans, suggested that the loser of the bet be required to purchase a bottle of wine.

“R.J., Channing, I hope you guys are going well,” Dellavedova said with a smile. “I know you know Arizona is playing the mighty St. Mary’s Gaels in the second round of the tournament. Since all you’d ever do was talk about how great Arizona was and how much fun you’d have on campus there, how bout we have a little friendly wager of a bottle of wine each on the game? I know the Gaels are gonna get it done, so let me know.”

We miss you @matthewdelly but your boys are going down – BTFD .. BET is on! 🏀🐻(@aplayersprogram & @stmarysca)

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I’m case you were wondering, the bet has been accepted.

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