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Making A Case For A Deron Williams Acquisition

deron williams

Two days into Free Agency and the amount of money being thrown around is simply preposterous. Harrison Barnes earned a cool max contract for being a fourth option in a starting line-up. Ian Mahinmi who is looking like a third option center made $16 Million a year with the Wizards. Even Timofey Mozgov made $64 Million on four years (which is around 9.3 million per point scored in the finals).

With that amount of cash being tossed around, it almost looks as if Cleveland’s minuscule $3.4 Million to offer will buy next to nothing in this market. Despite this there is no need to fear, Cavs Nation, there are plenty of bargain bin free agents that could help the Cavs for only a vet minimum or taxpayer MLE.

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First off, it’s important to address Cleveland’s needs in free agency. Assuming that JR Smith is resigned, the starting five will stay intact, meaning Cleveland’s real needs are depth at positions, specifically at point guard and center. While Timofey Mozgov may not have been the best center in the league this year, he is a true center who can help in the regular season so smaller centers like Channing Frye and Tristan Thompson don’t get as beat up.

Despite the need at the center position, Cleveland’s true priority is looking more and more like backup point guard. It looks more likely according to quotes from Tyronn Lue, LeBron James, and top NBA insiders that Matthew Dellavedova’s offer by the Milwaukee Bucks will not be matched, meaning Cleveland will be left without one of their best defenders, as well as Kyrie Irving’s primary backup. Luckily for Cleveland, there are a few options still on the market that might just be more interested in a ring than a paycheck.

Deron Williams

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Normally, a team looks to get younger, but a veteran might just be what the doctor ordered for this Cleveland backcourt. While Kyrie Irving is the elite point guard, he just isn’t the elder statesmen that can mentor a young Kay Felder. On the other hand, there is an inexpensive and effective yet aging three time all-star Cleveland may want to pursue.

Deron Williams only made $5 million last season with the Dallas Mavericks, yet still averaged 16 points a game. Williams had an excellent year, averaging .344 from behind the arc and six assists a game. Normally, stats like that would warrant a big pay check, but there are several signs showing Williams might be willing to take a veteran’s minimum for a winner.

Williams might have been a great point guard in his day, but at 32 and a history of injury, he might be more suited for a backup role. Point guard is by far the deepest position in the NBA right now, with every team having at least an above average point guard (even Ish Smith would have been a serviceable starter in the 90’s).

Deron Williams may not want to admit it, but most starters have a step on him. Most importantly, he could follow the road that Richard Jefferson took, prioritizing a championship over a paycheck.

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Williams has made his fair share of contracts over his ten year career so far, but has never won a championship. He led a struggling Utah Jazz team in its post prime era, played for the hot mess that was the Brooklyn Nets’ championship attempt, and watched the Dallas Mavericks simply become too old to compete. Each time, he sniffed a chance at victory, but always fell short, Cleveland can provide more than just a whiff of championship promise.

Williams has not been linked to any teams, and likely will be a late signing. However if Cleveland moves quickly, they might be able to snatch up a potential steal for a backup point guard who can be both productive off the bench, as well as a strong mentor for newly drafted point guard, Kay Felder.

It’s only an option, but Williams could fill a need Cleveland created, or he could just be another Mo Williams, you never know.

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