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Luke Walton reacts to Richard Jefferson’s dunkfest vs. Warriors

Richard Jefferson Dunk Klay Thompson

Richard Jefferson and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeat his good friend Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers just over a week ago in Cleveland. Walton and Jefferson are good friends from their time playing for the Arizona Wildcats in 2000-2001, and they’ve carried that friendship on to the NBA.

Jefferson had a little fun with Walton after the 2016 Finals, teasing him whenever he got the chance. Last week on Snapchat, RJ also messed with Walton following the Cavaliers-Lakers game. On Christmas Day, Walton had his own fun after watching his former team, the Warriors, take on his former teammate, Richard Jefferson.

Jefferson had a couple of shocking dunks, especially considering the fact that he’s 36 years of age, and Walton joked that the league should test him for HGH.

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