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LOOK: Richard Jefferson brings back Lil Kevin Love for Cavs postseason run

kevin love

Gearing up for the playoffs, LeBron James went into Zero Dark 30 mode, which is just an over the top way to say that he isn’t going to be on social media during the postseason. But while James may be going dark on social media, his teammate Richard Jefferson is doing quite the opposite.

Taking to SnapChat, Jefferson revealed that the Cavs are bringing Lil Kev back for the playoffs.

The Cavs used Lil Kev, which is a  model that looks just like Kevin Love, during the playoffs last year for good luck. More on Lil Kev from King James Gospel:

Last season, Lil Kev was the symbol of unity, success and perseverance for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they entered the playoffs. A cut-out from a Tommy Bahama magazine, Lil Kev looks eerily like Kevin Love and that’s what makes the magic work. Not only does it provide comedic relief for the group, a form of catharsis, but it’s a trick the Cleveland Cavaliers play on their mind.

By focusing on Lil Kev, who is like the baby brother of the group, they’re less apt to let their frustrations turn them against each other.

Lil Kev seems to already be working as the Cavs were able to win Game 1 of their first-round matchup with the Indiana Pacers on Saturday.

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