Anderson Varejao suffered a torn left Achilles on a Tuesday in late December in a matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves. In what many were saying could be a career-threatening injury due to the way Andy plays, Varejao himself is on the road back and trying to defy some of the odds in coming back from this injury.

Great news came in today as Varejao posted a picture on his Instagram account, saying, “Back on the court, no date to play yet, but very optimistic!”

Here is the picture from Varejao’s Instagram:

It is indeed great to see Varejao back on the court, not only for his teammates or the fans, but for himself, proving how tough he is in overcoming another major setback in his injury riddled career.

Varejao has missed time with an ankle sprain and left knee patella tendinitis in 2004-05, a dislocated shoulder in 2005-06, torn tendon in his right ankle in 2010-11, a broken wrist in 2011-12, a blood clot in his lung in 2012-13, major back soreness in 2013-14, and now most of the 2014-15 season with a torn left Achilles.

It’s great to see Andy on the right track and we wish him a speedy recovery back to the NBA floor!