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There has been plenty of buzz surrounding LeBron’s scrutinized return home, which has sparked a fair share of promos, commercials and mixes in the process. Here’s a look at the top 5 that is sure to give you chills. Start the countdown with #5 on the next page!

#5 The Comeback King

Before LeBron even announced his decision, there were still plenty who truly believed he was coming home. So much so that they put together this awesome promo in the wake of Lebron’s homecoming:

The Comeback King from Danny Wantz on Vimeo.

#4 Akron is Home

LeBron has an endorsement deal with Beats by Dre, so they made an epic mashup centered on Lebron, that had some similarities to the World Cup promo in the summer:

#3 LeBron’s Real Homecoming

LeBron is also endorsing Sprite, so they made sure to revolve their latest ad around the King and his return home:

#2 Pump Up Video for Home Games

The preseason intro video for the Cavaliers, with its theme about representing the city:

#1 Huddle Up, Together

Finally, we have the marketing giant Nike. They’ve had exclusive endorsement benefits from Lebron since he was in high school. This year, for their new shoeline, the Lebron XII’s, Nike has released a touching commercial, making sure to account for the cultural significance LeBron has on the city of Cleveland: