My personal preference for a television size would be about 60-80 inches. Of course, that’s a luxurious preference, and I’ll instead probably go with a 50-55 inch TV. For LeBron James however, that would almost be insulting.

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LeBron posted a photo of his daughter Zhuri standing in front of his big screen TV and watching an NFL game with her dad. But this was no ordinary TV. No, this was an insanely big TV that doesn’t even fit in the photo and makes his daughter look tiny.

Guess lil mama like football just like poppa! #ZhuriPrincess #JamesGang

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Boy, that is a large TV, isn’t it. You’d probably need a large and spaced out living room to sit and watch anything on this without hurting your neck or eyes. Of course, that isn’t a problem for LeBron, who’s a multi-hundred millionaire.