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LeBron James wishes he could've went to Coachella: 'S*** looked like fun’

lebron james

Participating in six straight NBA Finals, LeBron James is essentially always busy playing in the NBA. This, unfortunately, means he can’t take part in the many fun and entertaining events that happen during the course of a year.

Of course, James likes winning championships more than anything else. But the four-time Most Valuable Player is human after all and actually has a bit of FOMO from time to time.

That at least appears to be the case with James and Coachella as he apparently really wanted to go, but since the Cavs are in the playoffs, he couldn’t.

James likely will keep missing out on the fun of Coachella as long as he continues to play. And since James isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, he likely will only be able to go Coachella whenever he retires.

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