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LeBron James compares the Warriors’ decision to build a superteam to the Dallas Cowboys

LeBron James, Kevin durant

LeBron James, a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan, couldn’t help but associate the Golden State Warriors to his own favorite NFL team.

In the closing moments of his post-game interview following the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ heartbreaking 118-113 loss to the Warriors in Game 3, James had this to say on how fair Golden State’s decision was to build a superteam with Kevin Durant:

Although James replied with a smirk on his face while referencing the Cowboys’ signing of Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders back in 1995, an awkward sense of frustration in his body language was evident as he soon left the press table. Perhaps it was at that point that The King had recalled that he also found himself in Prime Time’s shoes during his own decision to join the Miami Heat in 2010 and all the negative press he got in its wake.

Sanders won back-to-back Super Bowls between the ’94 and ’95 NFL seasons; first with the San Francisco 49ers before pulling off the repeat with NFC rival Dallas. This parallelism between a Bay Area franchise and a team highly-associated with LeBron is quite a coincidence.

It’s also worth noting that James had already virtually tried to pull a Jerry Jones during his second stint in Cleveland by successfully wooing veterans and role players in his quest to bring glory back to Ohio, albeit with what’s panning out to be a mixed bag of results.

After a shoutout to America’s Favorite Team, James and his Cavs find themselves in a familiar 3-1 hole in the Finals against the Warriors after their bounce back win in Game 4

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