NBA or basketball fans nowadays nowadays, both young and old, argue about almost anything from the best teams and best fans to the best players and best plays. The most common arguments, however, are the debates regarding ho the better player is: Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant, Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James, and LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan.

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Apparently, one man in State College, PA took the argument a little too serious.

The 22 year old man, Daniel Mondelice, was arrested Saturday morning at around 3:49 am after he and his roomate began an argument in their apartment over who the better player was.

Mondelice reportedly physically assaulted his roommate, and was later charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and simple assault, according to police.

We’re not sure who the better player is, but everyone will have their respected opinions and debates. Basketball fans; let’s just try to keep those debates non-violent in the spirit of basketball.

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P.S. LeBron James is really going to be the better player when it’s all said and done.