LeBron James` generosity goes beyond his precise and timely assists on the basketball court. Outside the hardwood, he is also popular for handing out gifts to his teammates.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers entered the postseason on a mission of redemption. They managed to finish the regular season on top of the East despite all the noise that surrounded the team.

As such, James gave each one of his brothers-in-arms a unique gift, per Cleveland.com`s Chris Haynes, which could very well signify how the Cavs shut down their senses to all the unnecessary elements outside of their circle.

Each of his teammates was handed a hand-crafted, life-size shield with the player’s nickname inscribed, I’ve learned. Also, the armor included a message referencing protection and unity.

James’ friendly gesture elicited a thought-provoking conversation about the importance of unity and safekeeping while on the path to the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Veteran Channing Frye talked about his appreciation towards the gesture from the Cavs` leader.

For me, I appreciated it. It just showed his thought process not just about the game, but about the mental aspect of everybody being on the same page.

After running roughshod over their Eastern Conference matchups, the shield seemed like a fitting token to their cavalier effort – no pun intended.

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But Cleveland may need another item from their weaponry if they are to bring life to the ongoing finals because the Golden State Warriors have been masterful in their assault of the Cavaliers.