LeBron James and the Cavs stunned a lot of people going into Atlanta and winning Game 1 on the road to steal home court advantage. Game 2 was even more incredible, as the James picked apart and started toying with the East-leading Hawks on the court.

“[This was] a huge win for our team. We just came in with the mindset that we had to win this game. we were just as just as desperate to win this one as they were and it was a total team effort.

With Kyrie being out, Shump, Double T.T., J.J., Mozzy, even Trix (Shawn Marion) even in his short sting was huge for us.”

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The Cavs three-point barrage has definitely helped fuel this 2-0 series lead, but James says the Cavs can’t relax.

“We go back and we’re not comfortable. We’re still desperate for a win in Game 3. We play how we played in Game 2 and we’ll give ourselves a great chance to win Game 3.”

Tonight’s game will be the first game in the Q. since May 12, so James expects it to be rocking tonight. You can watch the rest of the video here:

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