The Miami Heat on Tuesday afternoon announced that they have parted ways with former All-Star forward Chris Bosh after six seasons and will retire his jersey.

Shortly after that decision was officially made, LeBron James took to Twitter to voice his support for his former Heat teammate.

During their four years together in Miami, they led the franchise to four straight NBA Finals appearances with a pair of NBA titles. Although James and Dwyane Wade led the way, Bosh was a significant part of the puzzle as the third scoring option. He had to undergo the most change to his individual game becoming primarily an outside-shooting threat.

James and Bosh have maintained a strong and close friendship since the four-time league MVP decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers a few years ago. He has also publicly vouched for the 33-year-old during his entire blood clot situation that has for the time being prevented him from continuing his NBA career.

If Bosh is able to receive medical clearance at any point in the near future, it’s safe to assume that James would push for the Cavaliers to sign him. All in all, regardless of what will lie ahead of Bosh, he will have the full support of James behind him.