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LeBron James’ Top 10 Moments With The Cavs

2. Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors January 23, 2009

Down 104-105 in Golden State, the Warriors put Ronny Turiaf on LeBron James and Stephen Jackson on Anderson Varejao because they assumed screens would be set for James to get to the top of the key, and it would be easier for Jackson to defend James on a switch at the top of the key. LeBron read this defensive tactic, jab-stepped towards the free throw line, and went baseline towards the sideline where the inbounder was. With Turiaf on an island, LeBron could do almost anything he wanted to 1-on-1. He dribbled right, stepped back, and knocked down an 18-foot jumper with just 0.1 left when it left his hands to give him his first career buzzer beater.

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