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LeBron James’ Top 10 Greatest Blocks

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#6 Absolutely Not, KD.

With Cleveland up 98-96 at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder, OKC had 8.7 seconds on the clock to try and tie or win the game on an and-1 or a three pointer. Kevin Durant, defended by James, caught the ball at the top of the key and dribbled towards the right wing, before changing direction and drove to the basket with his left hand. Durant took his 2 steps and put up a fade-away floater that seemed to be in line with the basket. Just before that basketball gets to the peak of its arc, James skies into the air and blocks the shot with his fingertips, keeping it in play with the Cavaliers securing the rebound. That Cavs would knock down the free throws to seal the victory on an excellent defensive effort by James.

Kevin Durant knows LeBron James all too well, and when he can’t beat him, he joins him:

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