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'Funny dude' LeBron James did stand up with Dave Chappelle

lebron james

While usually on the court, LeBron James is all business, but every now and then he has his moments of levity.

Whether it’s on the bench or during a break in play, James loves to joke around with teammates during games and has shown that he has a good sense of humor. James is, of course, no comedian but he did recently go up on stage with Dave Chappelle and performed some stand-up comedy.

Chappelle recounted the story on his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” telling the host that he did provide a few “assists” to James but otherwise the Cavs superstar did a good job and was a “funny dude.”

James has also shown off his more humorous side in various commercials and in the movie Trainwreck, so the Cavs All-Star actually doing well at stand-up isn’t too surprising. Plus being good at stand-up requires confidence and that is something James is not lacking.

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