It’s no secret that LeBron James is one of the most competitive players in the league today. Not only does his attitude towards games rub off to his teammates, but he also wants his sons to have the same drive as himself.

The King recently watched an AAU game of his eldest son, LeBron Jr., where he cheered on the sidelines and showed his full support. He even couldn’t help but be very involved in the match as James was seen walking onto the court to check if the score was correct.

James’ 12-year-old kid is the star player of the North Coast Blue Chips AAU team, and as early as now, is already generating interest from some NCAA teams looking to recruit him. He is an avid fan of his father, and often watches him play live as well inside the Quicken Loans Arena.

Seeing the video certainly shows that he is just like any ordinary father, who makes sure their kids do well in any activities they join and receive fair treatment. The summer break also gives him more time to spend with them, and build more memories together.

In a few months time, the four-time MVP will get back to work as they begin their quest to once again become NBA champions. For now, he can stay away from all the drama the Cavaliers have with the situation of Kyrie Irving, and James can just hope that he will have the best possible team assembled, in time for the start of training camp.