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LeBron James selected by Fortune as one the world's greatest leaders

lebron james

Leaders exist everywhere. They are in the workplace, communities, schools, government, and in sports. In sports, having a leader is quite crucial as without someone to unite and bring a team together, teams usually flounder and become mired in dysfunction.

That’s what makes LeBron James so great. He is a brilliant player individually, capable of playing lock-down defense while also by sheer force dominating on the offensive end of the floor. But what makes James a true superstar is his ability to make his teammates better and lead them to victory. This along with his community work is why Fortune named James as one of the World’s Greatest Leaders.

James is No. 11 on Fortune’s list, which includes Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and Pope Francis. Besides for Chicago Cubs president of basketball operations Theo Epstein, James is the only other leader from the world of sports that is on Fortune’s list.

And while it may seem a bit wild that James is one of the world’s greatest leaders, his resume speaks for itself. Just take last year’s NBA Finals for example. The Cleveland Cavaliers were down 3-1, did not have home-court advantage and were playing against the Golden State Warriors, the best regular season team of all-time, who were led by a two-time MVP in Stephen Curry. James did not let the series deficit or the odds work against him and inspired his teammates to pull off a historic comeback that resulted in the city of Cleveland’s 52-year championship drought coming to an end.

On top of that, James is also inspiring the community in Cleveland and his hometown of Akron. Like with the LeBron James Foundation, which is providing higher educational opportunities for thousands¬†of youth in Northeast Ohio. And even James’ work in the entertainment industry is making a difference in the area as his show “Cleveland Hustles,” helps entrepreneurs and supports local businesses in Cleveland.

James is much more than just a basketball player and his inclusion on Fortune’s World’s Greatest List is just another form of validation that justifies his influence on the league and across the globe.

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