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LeBron James On Rivalry Vs. Steph Curry

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have met in the last two NBA finals, and could be on a collision course for three straight against each other on the biggest stage this season. It would be the first time in NBA history that two teams have met for three consecutive NBA finals, and because of this potential date with history, as well as their past meetings, comparisons have been made to previous rivalries that have etched their name in NBA folklore.

Of course, great rivalries are made up of great players, and this one is no different. Two of those great players are Warriors’ point guard Steph Curry and Cavs superstar LeBron James. With six MVPS between them, some are trying to create a rivalry between Curry and James. In truth, James’ rivalry and agenda is with history itself, whereas Curry may have a more realistic rivalry with other elite guards and shooters that have played in the league, especially in this golden age of point guards within the association.

Both players traveled this past week to all-star weekend, where they put on a show for the crowd in New Orleans.

As always, James is always the center of attention, as everyone wants a piece of the world best player. The 13-time all-star spent a lot of his time talking to media personnel answering questions about all things basketball. The rivalry topic was brought up after all-star practice, and James addressed the query stating he doesn’t think his battles with Curry can be compared to classic rivalries from the past via ESPN.

“I don’t have a rivalry with Steph Curry,” James said after Saturday’s All-Star practice session. “There’s no way you can say, ‘Let’s talk about rivalries,’ and you say, ‘Bird and Magic. Carolina, Duke. Ohio State, Michigan,’ and then say ‘LeBron and Steph.’

“It’s disrespectful to those other three that I just named that you would even try to put us in the class with that. We haven’t had enough battles, and who’s to say we will have future battles. We’ll see, but to put us in a category with [them], it’s impossible. You can’t do it.”

The Cavs and Warriors could well and truly be headed to creating another chapter in this ongoing saga, but until then, James is focused on getting his troops ready for another deep playoff run come June.

Check out what James had to say here, before dazzling in a dunk fest during the all-star game the following night.



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