LeBron James hadn’t worn his headband since the Cavs played against the Dallas Mavericks way back on March 10. Before that, James went 11 years in the NBA rocking his team-colored headband in every single game. There were rare exceptions with a game against the Detroit Pistons in his rookie year and in Game 6 of the NBA Finals when he finished the fourth quarter and overtime without it.

“I did it because I just wanted to look like my teammates,” James said. “Just wanted to be one. Nothing more than that.”

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On Wednesday night, LeBron James’ headband made a surprising return to the lineup. James didn’t give an explanation until after the game.

“It was just a game-time decision, man. I just feel like it was time for it to make a comeback,” said James. “My mind wanders into some crazy stuff all the time, and the headband was calling me. I gave him a right to be a part of game 2, and he delivered.

“The headband delivered.”

When asked if he would be bringing the headband with him to Chicago, LeBron was unsure.

“I dont know, it’s a game time decision, so we’ll see.”

You can watch the full video below:

LeBron James Uninterrupted: The Headband Returns?