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LeBron James reveals his celebrity crush and favorite cartoon character

Lebron James

LeBron James is one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA today. The Cleveland Cavaliers feed off his intensity on the court, which makes it very rare for people to hear him have lighthearted conversations.

That was the case during  Sunday’s episode of the Road Trippin’ podcast hosted by teammates Richard JeffersonChanning Frye and reporter Allie Clifton. The King revealed interesting aspects about himself and showed a non-traditional part of his personality.

When asked about who his celebrity crush is, he named a handful of actresses he admires.

“By the way, Eva Mendes is one of my favorite women of all time. My wife knows it. … There’s three Jennifers, I love Jennifers. I’m a Jennifer Aniston guy, a Jennifer Lawrence guy. … Jennifer Lopez, those are my three Jennifers that I love and then it’s Scarlett Johansen and it’s Eva Mendes.”

Jessica Biel is unbelievable. JT, you my man, we talk all the time, man, you got an unbelievable wife, man. Congratulations to you. You know that. They belong together.”

The podcast hosts also asked him what his favorite cartoon is growing up and he did not hesitate in releaving it was Tom and Jerry. The four-time league MVP also gave an interesting take on why he thinks Wile E. Coyote never caught the Road Runner, which proved how frequently he watched the series before.

“As hard as he was trying, if he would’ve just simplified some things he would’ve. … I mean it was always so funny, he has the greatest Acme bag of grenades or the greatest Acme bag of rocket launchers and then it was like if you just go grab him he’s right there. He tried to light it and it blows up in his face. I was always fascinated with that.”

The interview was certainly a highly entertaining one, which also showed that James is a human just like us who enjoys cartoons and has crushes on beautiful celebrities.

However, with the playoffs on the horizon, it can be expected that the Akron native will return to his highly competitive nature once again as he looks to lead the Cavs to a second straight NBA Championship.


You can listen to the full-podcast here:

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